A story of WELLNESSs

Love our earth, enjoy savings buying bulk, & support sustainable shopping. 



Living a zero-waste life is good for you and good for the Earth and everything on it. In our current society, it is difficult to shop for our weekly grocery needs and be aware of the amount of trash we are creating with every product we buy.  And yet, to live a life of producing little to no garbage is terribly inconvenient even though it the most obvious choice for solving the environmental problems caused by landfills. We are all trying to be better people, but for the average working, busy individual, if it is not convenient it is much easier to give up and choose the path of convenience. 


Enter Good Life Market Delivery- an online grocery store that offers sustainable delivery with bulk options. No excess waste. No toxic or one time use plastics. Plus,  added cost benefit by paying for the refilling of reusable containers for your goods.

GLM Delivery offers bulk food, cosmetics, toiletries, soaps, household products, cleaners and more from suppliers who have amazing products and honor our environment. We will also serve as a place to go online where you can learn more about this lifestyle, discover how to become a more sustainable individual and learn how to make the shift into a greener life through newsletters and plenty of educational touches on the website. Each product has it’s contents listed, what its’ “end of life’ is ( recycled, compostable, reusable…) and also, what currently one time use plastic or packaged product that you  can make a “Smart Swap” with and swap it out of your grocery habits in exchange for this sustainable model.


PLUS, THIS IS DIRECT DELIVERY. No need to leave your house and drive to stores to find all these great products. No need to order things that come in so much packaging and wasteful plastics and excess boxes we toss in the recycle. We know recycling is not the end all be all.


We deliver to you in a reusable bag. Our products come in reusable or compostable containers. We will pick up any cleaned reusable containers and we will sanitize them for reuse- closing the loop on this sustainable delivery service!


More than 175 million tons of garbage reach the landfills every year in the U.S. contributing to toxic wastelands and rising levels of greenhouse gases among other issues. Let’s help the paradigm shift, making zero-waste living easier, cheaper and more accessible. 

The Team at Good Life Market Delivery are forever grateful for a group of Indiegogo Funders- a BIG Thank you to: 

Anna Plotkin, Asha Jagannathan, Brion Hurley, Carla Seward,  Cindi Willke, Dianne Rodway, Emily Thielman, Hannah Powers, Jenny Ostoj, Jessica Merczak, Jillian Bohrer, Jon Wohlfert,  Kate Lyman,  Lisa G Peters, Mateo Matias, Patti Thompson, Raquel Stewart,  and Vanessa Amspacher.