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Frequently asked questions

Where do you currently deliver?

Currently, only to the Portland Metro Area, including Vancouver, Washington. For an acurate list of cities, please see Delivery Zones on our home page - https://www.goodlifemarketdelivery.com We are planning to expand to more. If you would like your city considered, fill out the contact form and request we look into it and we will add you to our list and keep you posted! about "new geo added" updates.

How do I know the ingredients of a product if they are not listed on the label?

We value full transparency to what is inside all our products. On every product’s individual page, we provide a “Product Contents” section under the main imagery. Also of note is the section “Product End of Life” which explains how the product's contents are recyclable, reusable, and/or compostable.

What about your labels? Are they zero waste?

Yes! All our labels, which are minimalist in nature and size on the product, are made from recycled paper and natural glues and are 100% compostable. We use the supplier Pure Labels for all our labels. The ink we use to print with is also not harmful when composted.