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Is this really free?

Yes, as long as you attend the dates for the live event. Even though the summit happens online, it unfolds just like a lIve, in-person conference. Each day has a unique set of talks that you won’t be able to see any other day. You can watch one, two, or three – as many times as feels good during the 24-hour window for that day, and then the next day’s talks go up. Registered participants also receive free workbooks (full of prompts and journal reflections that help you bring the ideas and questions into your own life), and of course, the Facebook community is a terrific free resource, too.

How do I access the conference?

After registering, you will receive a welcome email (plus a series of emails over the next several days with more information about the conference). Be sure to mark that welcome email as a favorite/safe because access to each day's talks will be delivered via a daily email. This is crucial, as every year there are a handful of people who cannot access the talks because their email provider marks the emails as unsafe. So, favorite the heck out of them! Then, during the conference, just click the links for the talks & workbook, and that's it.

What if I only have time for one talk?

Fear of missing out happens every year. And it makes sense - there are some AWESOME folks sharing their wisdom, insight, stories and impact. The good news is whether there's time for all the talks or just a part of one, there's something to savor and take away from each and every session. Remember, you can access each day’s talks for 24-hours. Additionally, you can learn more about our packages here for extended access.

Are the speakers paid?

YES! One of the reasons online summits got such a bad rap a few years ago was that most of them only offered their speakers "exposure" in exchange for their time and support. But compensating folks for their labor is super important to the ethos of the Be Bold Summit. That said, since this is a self-funded endeavor, it's the community support through purchasing extended access to the talks and the bonus materials that makes paying the speakers possible. It's a win-win! More access to their wisdom for all of us while they get compensated for their labor.

Is the conference accessible?

We do our best to improve accessibility - it is always a work-in-progress. All of the talks have closed captions. The video speed can be slowed down or sped up, if that helps with comprehension. We are also adding written descriptions to all Facebook images in the Facebook group for those folks who use screen readers. Finally, transcripts are available for purchase in the extended access packages, but if a transcript is needed for accessibility reasons, just let us know by emailing info@beboldsummit.com.

Still have questions?

For any other questions, feel free to email us at info@beboldsummit.com