Product Spotlight: Lentils (AKA the star of my fall meals)

As the leaves are moving from their bright and beautiful colors to falling off the trees and cold, drizzly days are setting in, all I can think about is warm, hearty fall meals. During this time of year my diet consists mostly of soups, curries, and anything centered around squash. These meals are all unique and different, but tend to have one humble ingredient in common – lentils.

A glass jar of lentils held up against a white background.

There was a day I was intimidated by the idea of cooking any type of dried legume. Canned beans always seemed much more convenient and I was never quite sure what lentils were actually used for… After I started eating plant-based vegetarian meals I quickly realized the important role that legumes would play in my diet, but was still intimidated by cooking them! I love hearty fall meals, but they so often contain meat! When I started researching plant-based alternatives, I found that most of them utilized lentils. I decided to challenge my hesitations and, much to my surprise, lentils are now one of my favorite things to cook!

A bowl of shepherd's pie, sliced bread, a glass jar of lentils, and basket of squash sit on a wooden dining table.

My new favorite lentil-based recipe is the Vegan Mushroom and Pumpkin Shepherd’s Pie from Occasionally Eggs. Whether you are strictly vegan, a meat-lover, or somewhere in between, this recipe is a delicious, cozy fall meal! This reminds me so much of the stews I grew up eating, the combination of mushrooms and lentils creates the perfect meaty texture and deep flavor.

Still not convinced? Even for the steadfast, self-proclaimed lentil haters of the world, I’m convinced that crispy lentils will change your mind. They are delicious on anything and everything – salads, soup, and I’ve definitely been known to eat them by the handful! I highly recommend this recipe from Holistic Foodie.

I hope at least one of these recipes will show you how amazing lentils can be, and why they shouldn't be overlooked when planning your next GLM order!

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