Sustainable Gift Wrapping

Did you know most wrapping paper isn’t recyclable? Any wrapping paper that is metallic, glittery, or textured is not recyclable and can actually prevent an entire load of recyclables from being processed correctly. This doesn’t mean you can’t have beautifully wrapped presents under your tree this year, though!

Two of my favorite ways to wrap gifts more sustainably are wrapping in cloth (furoshiki) and upcycling paper products!

Furoshiki originated in Japan as a method of protecting and transporting valuable materials with fabric and has become a popular way to wrap gifts! Fabric is resource-intensive to create, so I love using secondhand scarves, fabric scraps from sewing projects, or wrapping the gift in something I’ll be giving (like a dish towel) rather than buying new fabric for wrapping.

Furoshiki works for any shape package and you can find many creative variations online! Here’s how I wrap a box:

Step 1: Spread the cloth out on a flat surface, and place the gift in the center.

Step 2: Fold the top and bottom corners in to touch the sides of the box.

Step 3: Fold the bottom side of the fabric over the top of the box. Repeat with the top side.

Step 4: Pinch each side of the cloth together, and fold up to meet in the center of the box.

Step 5: Tie the sides together in a knot.

The second way I like to wrap gifts is with upcycled paper or kraft paper! This year I’m using the brown packaging paper from my Good Life Market orders and paper grocery bags I‘ve saved from the months when grocery stores weren’t accepting reusable bags.

Adding some compostable hemp twine and a dried orange slice are the perfect finishing touches to this low-waste, sustainably wrapped gift!

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