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Hey there! My name is Karlie. I’m an Oregonian who is seriously passionate about sustainability and I’m incredibly excited to be starting this blog with Good Life Market!

I started my journey with sustainability during my senior year of college and have spent the past 2 years searching for ways to limit my impact on the planet. I grew up in a family that recycled, bought bulk food items, and I was taught the importance of respecting the planet. However, it wasn’t until well into college that I realized how much waste a single person can create. I had relied heavily on pre-packaged, frozen meals for dinner, bought takeout coffee and meals on campus more often than not, and purchased fast-fashion items I knew I wouldn’t wear just to feel “on-trend”. I liked to think of myself as someone who cared about the planet, but realized that my wasteful habits were sending the exact opposite message.

Discovering the zero-waste community on Instagram finally sparked my desire to change my lifestyle. I started following zero-waste-focused accounts and began learning about the swaps I could incorporate into my life. I discovered the wide variety of innovative reusable products available and it all just made sense. I traded cotton balls for reusable cotton rounds, switched to shampoo bars, and my favorite coffee shops started to recognize me as, “The girl who always brings her own reusable coffee cup and bag for pastries.” I quickly learned that I couldn’t eliminate all waste from my life, but I saw a significant decrease in the amount of trash I was producing due to the swaps I made.

I discovered Good Life Market when I was researching low-waste grocery stores in the Portland area. I have spent the past several years driving between multiple grocery stores in an attempt to limit packaging waste and Good Life Market is the first solution I’ve seen for this problem. Beyond providing a wide variety of products in one place, Good Life Market also sources their products locally and emphasizes building relationships with other sustainability-minded community members.

I can’t wait to share more about my zero-waste journey, talk about the amazing products Good Life Market offers, and discuss the impact you can make by incorporating them into your life!

Now that we have met, here is my gift to you: a one time code to get 10% off of your first or next order at Good Life Market: hi_Karlie_GLM10

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