Eco Floss

Eco Floss

SKU: BB014

This refillable and biodegradable floss is vegan waxed and made from natural corn base. It has been infused with mint essential oil for that added fresh breath factor and is completely FDA approved to keep your teeth clean and clear of plaque build up! The glass jar contains a spool of 30 m of natural floss and the top of the glass jar has a lid with a dispenser and cutter opening for dispensing and cutting the floss.


The jar and lid it comes in are part of our pick up program and you can order refill spools.


    The floss is 30mm natual corn based dental floss with Candelilla wax and mint essential oil.

    The jar has a stainless steel lid and the jar is glass.

    The cardbox board it comes in is 100% compostable.


    The foss is 100% biodegradable.

    The jar and lid are recyclable.

    The cardboard box is 100% compostable.

    The glass jars and lids it comes with are part of the pick up program for Good Life Market.


    Stop buying one time use plastic dental floss containers and swap those out for this sustainable and reusable model!