Lavender Essential Oil, 10ml

Lavender Essential Oil, 10ml

SKU: BB016

This 10ml amber vial holds 100% pure Lavender (Bulgarian) Essential Oil. Lavender is a proven aromatherapy to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation- pus the fragrance is light and floral. Add a drop or two onto dryer balls for fresh smelling laundry out of the dryer, or even a drop or two on your pillow at night to promote a good night's sleep.


Even though the product is all natural, it is not for use for human consumption.


    Amber recycled glass and recycled plastic cap lid.

    100% natural lavender essential oil


    The oil is biodegradable and the lid and glass are recycled. The amber glass jar and lid are part of the pick up program for Good Life Market.


    No need for fresh smelling sprays that come in one time use plastic spray bottles or for scented cling-free dryer sheets!  This 10ml vial of essential oil can outlast those products 2x since one drop is so powerful.