Tortilla Chips, Gluten Free

Tortilla Chips, Gluten Free

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Perfect for dunking into a smooth and creamy cheese sauce or a fresh and zesty salsa, these Mission nacho chips are pre-fried to crispy, crunchy perfection! Mission brings you hearty and tasty 100% whole grain corn flour tortilla chips with no cholesterol - the 10.2 oz of chips come in a reusable tin from GLM comes with a compostable paper liner. The tin is part of the GLM pick up program.


    See nutrition label for chips.

    The container is tin and has a paper liner.


    The food is compostable.

    The tin is recycled and a part of the GLM Pick Up Program.

    The paper liner is compostable.


    No more one time use plastic bag for your chips- switch to this reusable model.

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