Good Life Market is happy to pickup your GLM bag from your doorstep, with clean reciprocals* inside. We will sanitize all we received for reuse and in turn, send YOU a credit to use for future purchases - therein allowing for virtual bulk shopping!

Please fill out the form on the right to schedule your pick up. We will email you back with the date to have your pick up bag prepped and ready one your 

doorstep for us.


GLM Bag must be present and be the main reciprocal for any pickup. Make sure the bag is closed with the "Ready for Pick Up" label clearly sticking up over the front pocket.

GLM bag = 2$ each

( if you have more than one bag and wish to return all, place other bags inside one bag )

32 oz, 16 oz, or 4 oz Mason Jar with white lid

= 1$ each (unbroken, clean jar + white lid)

Brown paper filler= 1$ (not ripped or soiled)

We will not take back our small brown paper bags and encourage you to compost those.

*Items for pick up must be cleaned and unbroken and must have been from a previous Good Life Market Delivery. It's is a safety and health hazard for us to pick up items that may have food residue / dirt and /or are broken. We will sanitize and thoroughly clean all items for reuse.

Your credit will be issued via an emailed coupon after picked up items have been accounted for at home base. Allow for three business days from pick up for email coupon processing.

If you have any issues with delivery or pick up, please contact the GLM team at

we're in beta test Mode all summer 2020, with launch in fall 2020 if you wish to be informed, FILL OUT CONTACT US. Feel free to Look, but shopping is closed to all except our beta testers.

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